Born in Canada from Italian Emigrants, he comes back to Italy a few months after his birth.

He seems to have inherited from his Uncle the culture of beauty, a great entrepreneurial courage and an indistinguishable purity of mind.

He starts his career in Jewelry from a very young age, together with his Uncle with which he opens his first and Legendary Jewellery in Città Sant’Angelo, Italy.

His meticulous and irreplaceable research in the buying department is what distinguishes Gioielli Torelli in Italy and All Around The World.

A careful selection of small goldsmiths names able to produce precious objects of undisputed quality, sold at fair market price. 

The place you live in, your sexual, religious and political orientation, the colour of your skin do not matter: you are unique just the way you are, with your Made In Italy Jewel that will always make you inimitable.

Tony Torelli, Gioielli Torelli Founder